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What we do to help accident victims is simple:

  • We're in the business of helping cash-strapped personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs survive while going through the litigation process.

How we help them is easy:

  • We are one the nation's best lawsuit funding companies for personal injury accident victims in need of fast cash advances. If you need a loan on your pending lawsuit settlement for an emergency or to pay bills, we can advance you cash in as little as 24 hours. That's correct. In as little as 24 hours, we can get you a lawsuit loan before your lawsuit is settled.

Our lawsuit loans process is hassle-free:  

  • Not being able to return to work after getting seriously injured through no fault of your own can be physically and financially devastating. The combination of your case dragging out and your bills piling up is literally insult to injury. When you need cash, you need it now, not next week! We understand. That's why we offer fast lawsuit loans with low usage fee rates. 


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Lawsuit loans have helped tens of thousands of seriously injury victims avoid repossession, eviction, damaged credit, collection calls, and foreclosure proceeding. We are the smart choice for plaintiffs who need cash in a hurry, but without being taken advantage of.

We specialize in auto accident lawsuit loans, defective product lawsuit loans, car accident lawsuit loans, slip and fall lawsuit loans, tractor trailer lawsuit loans, trip and fall lawsuit loans, medical malpractice lawsuit loans, workers' compensation lawsuit loans, and wrongful death lawsuit loans, and more.

Stressing over money worries is a distraction. A lawsuit loan on your pending settlement can get you back on track to success in your health and your case. Whether you're applying for a lawsuit funding for the very first time or you've been denied funding by another lawsuit lender, give us a call right now for a quick, no obligation telephone consultation. We have knowledgeable funding specialist ready and willing to help you.

Here are just a few cases we've funded in 2017:


18 Wheeler Truck Accident,
Neck Surgery & Back Injury

Texas Lawsuit Loans


Trip and Fall Accident,
Knee Injury, Arthroscopic Surgery

New York Lawsuit Loans


Car Crash,
Lumbar epidural steroid injections

Georgia Lawsuit Loans


Tractor Trailer Truck Accident,
Leg Fracture, Surgery

Florida Lawsuit Loans


Slip and Fall at a Supermarket,
Shoulder Injury and Wrist Injury

Orgeon Lawsuit Loans


Automobile vs Pedestrian Accident,
Knee Injury, torn meniscus

California Lawsuit Loans

Your outcome will be different. As you know, each and every claim is unique. We base the lawsuit funding decision on the merits of the case. Therefore, similar results cannot and should not be expected in future matters.


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The road to recovery won't be easy...

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We can get you an advance on your lawsuit settlement in as little as 24 hours


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The benefits of working with our lawsuit loan company

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Discover how lawsuit loans have proved to be beneficial for plaintiffs and personal injury lawyers

Our commitment to helping plaintiffs is self-evident. That's why injury attorneys from all over the U.S. refer their clients to us. We are the trusted lawsuit loans company for countless personal injury lawyers who want better for their clients.

Why us? We are the first choice for injury lawyers because we consistently deliver fast, reliable, and responsive customer service. They also appreciate the facts that we make the funding process as hassle-free as possible.

Investing in pending lawsuits is a challenging but rewarding business. Lawsuit funding companies have the challenge of performing due diligence in the underwriting of cases yet meeting the immediate needs of clients by funding cases quickly. We believe we have mastered the formula. We arguably have the best settlement funding underwriting process in the industry. Because of our expertise and resources, we have the ability to do same business lawsuit funding on preferred cases.


See for yourself why we are hands-down the smart choice in lawsuit loans:

Same or next day cash loans

No Credit Check

Lawsuit loans from $500 to $200,000

Risk-free lawsuit loans

Faster funding

Friendly and helpful team

Same day processing

No Hassle Process

Experienced Team

Cash by overnight check or wire

No out of pocket fees

Easy to read contract

Transparency & honesty

Dedicated Members

You deserve to work with one of the best lawsuit loans companies in the industry


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You deserve more. We are more.


All lawsuit funding companies are not created equal

Sure, all lawsuit loan companies are in the business of making a profit, and there's nothing wrong with that. No lawsuit lender can remain in operation, for too long, if a certain level of profitability isn't achieved within a reasonable amount of time. However, as a leading lawsuit lender, we don't compromise ethics for profits.

We do not believe that we have to sacrifice quality, care, and ethics to keep our investors satisfied. We have a different philosophy. We give our customers the attention, respect, and professional courtesy they deserve. Furthermore, we give customers honest information about the lawsuit loans process and how it works so they can make educated and informed decisions. We strive to provide the best lawsuit loans customer service guaranteed each and every business day.

That's one of the numerous advantages of working directly with us. And, you can expect the best possible level of service and competitively priced lawsuit loans rates. If you don't believe that received the guaranteed best lawsuit loans experience, please send an email to our managing partner at service@bestlawsuitloans.com.


We don't compromise ethics for profits...We give our customers the attention, respect, and professional courtesy they deserve. And, you can expect the best possible level of service and competitively priced lawsuit loans rates.


Aren't you tired of those ridiculous paid ads? You know the one. The person grabbing a wad of cash proclaiming how they go a fast lawsuit loan. How about the other paid advertisement guaranteeing you a super low lawsuit loans rate of just 1%. Don't fall for silly commercial from lawsuit funding companies promising a lot but delivering very little. You are better than that. If you see any of those, move one to a funding company that will tell you the truth about their lawsuit loans program.

Another thing to be very cautious of when choosing the right lawsuit funding company is the staff and their level of commitment. You certainly don't want to choose a company with pushy sales people lacking experience and knowledge in both personal injury litigation and legal financing. If you call a funding company and get a representative who can't directly answer all of your questions or is evasive, you should move on to another company who you can trust. The first phone call sets a precedent. If the telephone representative is rude, snappy, or just incompetent, that's a sign of bad things to come. You deserve more.



A devastating injury can be a life changing event


Turn to us when you need to borrow cash for your lawsuit settlement

If the defendant is dragging out your case, a cash advance on your lawsuit can provide fast financial relief.


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easy lawsuit loans for injury victims

Cases we fund

We are one of the premier lawsuit loans companies in America providing lawsuit cash advances on a wide number of injury claims. As a full-service lawsuit funder, we have the experience and resources to fund lawsuits quickly. From car accidents to defective product cases, we have the underwriting experience to advance lawsuit funding on a wide variety of different claims. If you are unsure if your case is eligible, please visit our lawsuit funding page or just give us a call. We can tell you right over the phone whether or not your case meets the eligibility requirements.

Furthermore, it does not matter if we feel your case is worth $25,000 or $2,000,000. Our underwriter can consider all types of injury cases. Although some lawsuit settlement loans companies only provide funding for cases involving surgery or a fracture (broken bone), we consider all cases--from soft-tissue injuries to fatality cases. That's correct, we offer lawsuit funding for not only personal injury lawsuits and worker's compensation claims, but wrongful death actions as well.

Best lawsuit loans


Auto Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpg

Auto accident lawsuit loans are cash advances available to accident victims who have been hurt in any type of motor vehicle collision and need to borrow money against their pending lawsuit settlement. Automobile wrecks can cause permanent injuries, even death. If you and your family are struggling financially, our automobile accident lawsuit funding program can provide immediate financial relief.

Auto Accident Lawsuit

Trip and fall lawsuit loans.jpg

Trip and fall lawsuit loans are for designed for people who have been seriously injured in a fall down accident and urgently need to borrow cash against their future settlement. We specialize in trip and fall lawsuit loans for plaintiffs were hurt due to negligence by a landlord or property owner. Trip accidents can occur because of an uneven surface, object left unattended in walkway, cracked or broken sidewalk, unsecured rug, uneven floors, or a protruding object causing someone to stumble. If have a personal injury lawyer pursuing a negligence claim against a homeowners, landlord, or businesses and you need a settlement cash advance, we can help.

Trip and Fall Lawsuit

Workers compensation lawsuit loans.jpg

Workers compensation lawsuit loans are risk-free settlement cash advances to people who have been seriously injured at their workplace. This pre settlement loan program is designed for hurt accident victims who are collecting workmans comp benefits but find themselves struggling financially to pay the bills. Workers' compensation settlements can take years. If you have a serious or permanent job related injury and need to borrow $500 to $200,000 in 24 hours, you can contact us to determine if your case is eligible and how much cash your get from your settlement today.

Workers Comp Lawsuit

Big rig semi tractor trailer truck accident lawsuit loans.jpg

Big rig accident lawsuit loans have saved thousands of truck accident victims from financial disaster. If you have been hurt in a semi-tractor trailer truck accident and need a no-risk lawsuit loan from your expected settlement, we can get you the cash you need in as little as 24 hours. We are the experts in commercial truck lawsuit loans so apply in confidence knowing that you are working with the one of the nation's top tractor trailer lawsuit funding companies.

Truck Accident Lawsuit

Jones Act lawsuit loans for settlements.jpg

Jones Act lawsuit loans are for U.S. seamen who have been injured at sea and hired an attorney to pursue a negligence lawsuit against their employer. If you are a plaintiff involved in personal injury lawsuit for injuries resulting from negligence by a vessel’s owner, operator, or another seaman, you are eligible to apply for a no-risk pre settlement lawsuit loan against your future Jones Act or Merchant Marine Act lawsuit settlement.

Jones Act Lawsuit

Dangerous product liability lawsuit loans for defective items.jpg

Product liability lawsuit loans are available for lawsuit plaintiffs who have sustained serious and permanent injuries due to a defective item or dangerous product. If you or a loved one have been harmed or even died due to a defective product and need help paying the bills or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we can advance you cash before you get the money from your expected settlement.

Defective Product Lawsuit

Pedestrian accident lawsuit loans.jpg

Pedestrian accident lawsuit loans have benefited thousands of plaintiffs who who have been seriously injured a motor vehicle accident. The majority of pedestrian vs car crashes occur due to negligence by a careless driver, owner, repair shop, or vehicle manufacturer. We provide lawsuit cash advances to pedestrian accident victims who have been hurt through no fault of their own. Most of the pedestrian cases we fund are for people who were struck by a vehicle while crossing the street, on the sidewalk, and exiting or entering a vehicle. If your car accident lawsuit is dragging out and your bills are piling up, you can contact us to discuss your car accident lawsuit loan funding options.

Pedestrian Car Accident Lawsuit

premises liability lawsuit loans.jpg

Premises liability lawsuit loans are designed for plaintiffs who were injured because of negligence by a landlord, homeowner, business, or third-party. Common causes of premises liability accidents are poor lighting, wet floors, ceiling collapsing, negligent changes in levels, negligent security, defective stairs, walkway obstruction, inadequate security, and falling objects. We help plaintiffs involved in premises liability lawsuits.

Premises Liability Lawsuits

Slip and fall lawsuit loans.jpg

Slip and fall lawsuit loans are available to seriously injured accident victims who have been hurt in a fall-down type accident due to a hazardous or dangerous condition caused by or known to a premises owner or agent. We fund slip and fall accident claiming negligence due to ice, snow, oil spills, broken pavement, uneven surfaces, improper waxing, and more.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Wrongful death lawsuit loans on settlements.jpg

Wrongful death lawsuit loans are generally available to family members and spouses of loved ones who died due to the negligence or carelessness of another person or business. Immediate family members of the deceased victim are eligible. And, depending on the particular state, other family members, such as stepparents, grandparents, and dependents, may also be eligible for our wrongful death accident lawsuit loans program. If you have a wrongful death attorney and need to borrow money from an expected settlement, verdict, or award, then this funding option my be your best solution. We offer wrongful death lawsuit loans arising out of car accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, work-related fatalities, and nursing home abuse, to just name a few.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Dog bite lawsuit loans for settlements.jpg

Dog bite bite lawsuit loans are for people who have been attacked by a dog resulting in serious or permanent injuries. You qualify for funding consideration if you were bitten by a dog and have hired a dog bite lawyer to pursue a claim against the responsible party for monetary compensation. Dog bite laws vary from state to state. Each state is responsible for determining its own set of laws regarding dog attacks. We are the experts in dog attack lawsuit settlement loans. We understand the legal right of dog bite victims and are very knowledgeable in strict liability laws, "one bite rule," and vicious propensity.

Dog Bite Lawsuit

We are lawsuit loan funding provider offering USA lawsuit loans on a wide variety of different lawsuits and injury claims.

We specialize in:

  • Dangerous Product Lawsuit Loans Loans
  • Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loans Loans
  • Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans

Visit the Lawsuit we Fund page to see if your case qualifies for funding


Truth about lawsuit loans.png

1. What is a lawsuit loans?

A lawsuit loan is a non-recourse (don't win-don't pay) cash advance against an expected lawsuit settlement for attorney represented plaintiffs who need financial assistance before receiving their settlement. Non-recourse means, in this instance, that the settlement advance is secured by a future case settlement and not the borrowers personal ability to pay. We use the term "loan" and "loans" to described our settlement funding products and services.

2. Is this like a bank loan?

No, a lawsuit loan is nothing at all like a loan from a bank. Unlike a typical loan from a creditor, you do not need to have good credit or have a job to qualify for a lawsuit loan. Also, there is no obligation to pay back the lawsuit advance if your attorney does not win or settle your case.

3. Am I eligible for a loan on my lawsuit?

We offer lawsuit loans on personal injury claims, medical malpractice lawsuits, workers compensation claims, and wrongful death lawsuits.

4. Can I get a lawsuit loan without an attorney?

No. You must be represented by an attorney. If you hired an attorney and signed a contingency fee agreement, we can consider your case for lawsuit funding. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide lawsuit loans without attorney representation.

5. What if I have no credit or bad credit?

That's OK. We are not concerned with your credit history or your credit profile. Good credit, bad credit, no credit--it doesn't matter to us. We offer no credit lawsuit loans to accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs.

6. What is your lawsuit loan interest rate?

We strongly believe all lawsuit lenders should be honest and upfront about their lawsuit loans interest rates. Unlike other funding companies, we won't lie to you about the rate and try to bait-and-switch you at the end. We proudly disclose our competitively priced usage rates for plaintiffs, which are between 2.75% and 3.25% on preferred cases.

7. How much money can I borrow?

You should only borrow what you need. The amount of funding you request is entirely up to you; however, we can offer lawsuit cash advances from $500 to $200,000, depending upon the facts and circumstances surrounding your specific case.

8. How long does this take?

We work fast, very fast. We can have customers approved and checks mailed out in 1 day. However, we also have the ability to provide same day funding as well. If you need same day lawsuit loans, please call us. 

9. How do I get the money?

We can send the money to you one of two ways: A check is mailed to you by overnight delivery or the funds will be send by wire transfer.

10. How quickly can I get the money?

The soonest you can have the settlement cash advance is same day. If we get the necessary information early in the morning or by midday and your attorney is cooperative, you have have the funds in your account that same day.

11. How can I get a loan on my lawsuit?

The first step in getting a loan on your lawsuit is submitting your application. To put in an application, you can fill out the online application or give us a call and do an application over the phone. Once, we get your application, we'll take it from there.

12. Can you help me get a lawyer?

If you need finding a good personal injury lawyers, you can give us a call and let us know you need assistance finding local counsel to handle your case.

Got Questions, We've got the answers

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We are a national lawsuit loan provider helping seriously injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs in the United States.

We offer 24 hours USA lawsuit loans and lower lawsuit loans interest rates on preferred cases.

Lawsuit funding on injury cases are available in the states listed below. However, workers compensation loans are available in only a handful of states. Please visit the lawsuit loans state by state webpage to determine if your case is eligible. You can also call us to find out more.

Alabama Alaska Arizona
California Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia Hawaii
Idaho Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Tennessee
Louisiana Maine Massachusetts
Michigan Missouri Montana
Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire
New Jersey New Mexico New York
North Dakota Ohio Oregon
Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Dakota
Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia
Mississippi Wisconsin Wyoming
Minnesota Tennessee USA Lawsuit




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