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Our lawsuit loan company provides cash advances on expected lawsuit settlements to injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs in the United States.

We offer settlement cash advances on personal injury lawsuit settlements, workers' compensation claim settlements, wrongful death lawsuit settlements, product liability settlements, and medical malpractice lawsuit settlements.

Although we offer USA lawsuit loans throughout the country, all of our financial products are not available in every state. For example, for the state of New Jersey, we are able to provide cash advances on personal injury cases; however, we are unable to provide cash advances on workers' compensation cases.

This page is created to help you determine if your specific case is eligible for settlement funding based upon the laws and regulation in your state or state where the case is currently pending.

We have organized the states into two sections. One section will list the states where workers' comp loan are permitted and the other section will list the states where personal injury (also referred to as 3rd party or liability) loans are permitted.

As you will see from the list, USA lawsuit loans are more widely available than workers compensation loans.

If lawsuit funding, or a particular funding program is unavailable in your states, that's either because of a state regulation or an unfavorable judicial ruling.

Feel free to apply online if you need to a no-risk lawsuit cash advance of $500 to $200,000 now, before you get the money from your future lawsuit settlement. We've helped thousands of injured accident victims and we can probably help you as well.




Personal Injury

Workers Compensation

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