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 Best lawsuit funding company for personal injury victims

Maybe you got our number from your attorney or you were referred to us by a member of your state's trial lawyer association, and you're wonder whether or not we can help you actually get a loan on your lawsuit to help stay afloat until you get the money from your lawsuit settlement.

Well, yes, it is true that we do help injured accident and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs who have active injury cases.

At a collective team, we have been helping plaintiffs involved wrongful and negligent acts of others. Whether you or a loved one were hurt by a careless driver, a bad doctor, a company that made a defective product or anyone else who caused harm through wrongful acts, it is choose an experienced and trustworthy lawsuit lender on your side.


We are the experts in personal injury lawsuit loans

What makes us different from the rest? Our experience. Experience translates to fast lawsuit loans, better lawsuit loans funding terms, and larger lawsuit loans. Here's why:

The reason we can approve and fund cases quickly is due the fact that we only take cases we have expertise.

We specialize in exclusively in personal injury cases, wrongful death lawsuit, medical malpractice lawsuits, workers compensation claim, construction accident lawsuits, product liability cases, and Jones Act claims.

Since we fund so many of these cases throughout the U.S., we know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask your attorney.

By only providing lawsuit loans on select type of cases, we are able to provide same day or 1 day loans and competitive lawsuit loans rates, often times far lower interest rates than what the majority of our competitors changes.

Underwriting is not only about approved or denying an application but knowing how much money to advance and the interest rate to assign. Since we know these cases and have many years in litigation, we can calculate and assess the risk quite well allowing us to offer bigger lawsuit advances and our best rates.


You deserve better: Better rates, Better service, Better response time

Our company takes pride in provides top notch service. We about 1/2 of our business from attorneys directly. They have come to trust and rely on us.

We understand what plaintiffs and law firm need. Lawsuits take time, and good attorneys move carefully. Our service allows clients to make the best possible decisions for their case because they aren’t being pressured to settle quickly.

Unfortunately, lawsuit can take a time, months or even years to resolve. Your injury, whether it was a car wreck, a job injury, or a slip-and-fall, has already thrown your life for a loop. Your lawsuit is taking a long time to resolve—and you’re still receiving monthly bills. Simply put, you need help financially.

Our lawsuit loans have proved to be a cash lifeline for many injured victims. We give our customers the cash they need until their case is resolved, allowing them to build a normal life while their attorney works to get them a full and fair settlement.

If you need to borrow between $500 and $200,000 from a future settlement, go ahead and put in your application for a lawsuit loan. All you have to do if fill out the short application form or call and speak with a live representative.

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