Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans

We provide no credit check settlement cash advances to family members and spouses of a decedent


What is a wrongful death claim?

Wrongful death refers to a fatality that occurs because of the negligence or misdeeds of another person, corporation or entity. Wrongful death holds an individual, group, or corporation defendant accountable for causing injury to another person plaintiff. When a person dies or is killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another, including murder, the surviving members of the victim's family may sue for "wrongful death." Those who were dependent on, or a beneficiary of, may be entitled to monetary damages.

In a wrongful death action, consideration is given to the earnings the deceased would have provided to their family had they lived and damages are awarded to survivors based on this monetary loss. Survivors may also receive damages for medical and funeral expenses for the victim, estate administration expenses, survivor’s emotional pain and suffering, and punitive damages.


What are causes of wrongful death action?

Causes of wrongful death can range from auto accidents to medical malpractice by an anesthesiologist. However, there are some common categories and patterns that emerge in these lawsuits. Wrongful death claim can stem from car wrecks, airplane accidents, medical malpractice; nursing home neglect abuse, work related injury, bad drugs, and defective products.

  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Criminal Activity
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Mass Transit Fatalities
  • Product Liability
  • Work-Related Accidents
  • Nursing Home Neglect
  • Unsafe Premises Liability


Do I need an accidental death lawyer?

Although there's no formal requirement that a family retain legal counsel, it would be wise to hire a wrongful death attorney to handle your wrongful death claim. Wrongful death claims and survival actions generally involve a variety of complex legal issues. A qualified wrongful death attorney will know where to look to find all of the parties who may be responsible for the loss of your loved one. Furthermore, wrongful death attorneys have resources that you may not. The attorney has access to a network of legal, medical, and other necessary experts.


Who is Eligible to file a wrongful death claim against the person or persons responsible?

State laws vary as to who may pursue a wrongful death claim. Every state has a civil "wrongful death statute," or set of statutes, which establish the procedures for bringing wrongful death actions. Generally, it is the immediate family members (spouses, children and parents); however, some states allow grandparents, legal dependents or members of the extended family to file suit. The deceased’s spouse, domestic partner, or children take precedence, but if circumstances are such that none of these people exist, the claim may be placed by parents or relatives. Relation to the deceased must be proved by legal documents.

Only certain individuals may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Based upon the wrongful death statute of the applicable state, this can include:

  • Surviving spouse
  • Children
  • Parents of the decedent
  • Executor of the deceased’s estate (if there is no spouse, children, or living parents)


What is the statue of limitation to file a wrongful death Lawsuit?

Statue of limitation are laws that set the maximum time someone has to take some kind of legal action by commencing a lawsuit in a court of law. The statute of limitation to initiate a wrongful death lawsuit against a defendant(s) will vary from state to state. It is therefore important to file your wrongful death claim immediately because most states set a maximum time period for surviving families to file a wrongful death case under a statute of limitations. Wrongful death cases that are brought to court after the statute of limitations period are usually dismissed by motion to the court where the lawsuit was filed.

Additionally, if the defendant is a governmental agency or municipality, you may have a to file a notice of claim, which is usually a shorter window of time than the state's status of limitation. It is therefore recommended that you consult with an attorney to make sure your rights are preserved.


What type of compensation can I recover from a wrongful death claim?

While no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one, compensatory damages in a wrongful death case can relieve some of the burden of funeral, burial, and other expenses. Depending on state law, claimants are entitled to receive economic compensation for medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, loss of support, loss of care and protection, loss wages, and loss of potential financial contributions and inheritance.

Factors that are considered when determining wrongful death damages include: The amount of money earned by the deceased; Loss of companionship; and The degree to which survivors were financially dependent on the deceased.

  • Medical expenses associated with the death
  • Loss of work and retirement benefits
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of victim future income / anticipated earnings
  • Future services normally provided to you by the person who has died
  • Loss of consortium, meaning a spouse’s right to the companionship, help and affection from the person who has died
  • Punitive damages if the negligence was found to be criminal
  • Loss of care, protection, companionship to the survivors
  • Loss of relationship compensation for a child, spouse, or parent


How long will my wrongful death case last?

Every case is entirely different. The basis of liability in wrongful death lawsuits varies from straightforward car accidents with a clearly at fault driver, to trucking accidents where multiple parties are involved but all denying and fighting over liability, to much more complex medical malpractice or pharmaceutical liability cases, or premises or products liability cases, which often involve extensive study of medical records by experts, lots of legal technicalities every step of the way, defendants who fight harder to avoid liability, and many other possibilities.

The vast majority of all cases, including wrongful death cases, are settled prior to trial. Some cases are settled prior to the filing of a lawsuit, while others are settled during litigation or even on the “steps of the courthouse” just before trial. A wrongful death case, if litigated to trial, could last a number of years. One who pursues a wrongful death case should understand from the outset that a quick resolution cannot be guaranteed.


How do you help plaintiffs who are expecting a settlement from a wrongful death lawsuit?

We are a nationwide lawsuit loans company committed to helping plaintiffs stay afloat financially during the lengthy litigation process. We know wrongful death claims can take a long time to come to a final resolution. However, during this period, many plaintiffs experience difficulty paying the bills and making ends meet. This is situation is compounded when one of the bread winners in the family passes away. 

We help plaintiffs by providing wrongful death lawsuit loans to spouses and family members presently involved in a wrongful death action. Since a wrongful death lawsuit loan is simply a cash advance and not a bank loan, there's no credit check, no up front application fees, and no out of pocket expenses.

Although the majority of wrongful death plaintiffs use the lawsuit cash advance to pay their bills, car note, rent, insurance, mortgage, and other financial obligations, you can use the settlement advance for anything you need. It's your case and your money.


Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans

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What is a wrongful death lawsuit loan?

A wrongful death loan is a risk-free cash advance for plaintiffs involved wrongful death litigation against a wrongdoer.

  • Immediate Cash $500 to $200,000
  • Fast and Easy Underwriting Process
  • Same Day Processing
  • No Monthly Payments
  • No Credit Checks
  • If you lose or don't Settle, Keep the Money and Owe Nothing!


How can I get a wrongful death lawsuit loan?

To get a loan on your wrongful death claim, all you have to do is apply for a lawsuit loan. You can apply by filling out the online application form or calling us to put in an application right over the phone. The call is toll-free and there's no obligation just for applying.


Wrongful death lawsuit loans fatal car accident

Automobile companies may be held responsible for defective products in their automobile, while trucking companies may be held accountable for truck accidents if their employee breaks trucking regulations.

Wrongful death lawsuit loans medical malpractice

Anesthesia Malpractice occurs if an anesthesiologist fails in their professional responsibilities and administers a fatal, anesthetic dosage.

Emergency room medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuits can stem from hospital workers negligence in the emergency room, such as performing surgical errors, misdiagnosing a health condition, or prematurely discharging a patient.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Wrongful death in nursing homes may stem from a variety or combination of sources. Wrongful death may result from willful abuse by nursing home staff. Additionally, wrongful death may come as a result of negligence on the part of nursing home staff. By failing to do their job correctly, nursing home workers may cause an elderly person’s death.