How it works


A lawsuit loan is the fast, simple way for plaintiffs and seriously injured accident victims to get some of the money potentially coming to them from a settlement.

Civil claims can take many months, even years to come to a final conclusion. However, while your case in dragging, your bills, rent, car payment, and living expenses are piling up. Waiting until you get the money from a settlement to care of your financial obligations is just not a realistic expectation for the majority to plaintiffs.

Lawsuit loans can provide immediate financial relief to people who are going through the litigation process and need financial assistance quick to take care of pressing personal matters.

Our USA lawsuit loans company provides lawsuit cash advances to plaintiffs from as low as $500 to as high as $200,000.

If you’re currently involved in a civil case and need to borrow cash from a future lawsuit settlement, we can help you get the money you urgently need in about 24 hours.


Our simple lawsuit loan process:

  1. Apply online by filling out then submitting the short application form or just call us.
  2. We contact your lawyer or paralegal for basic information about your case.
  3. One of our legal funding underwriters will decide on the amount to advance you.
  4. You have the money in your hands! We'll wire the money or send a check by mail.


what are benefits of lawsuit funding?

The lawsuit loan program was created to address the dilemma of seriously injured victims who were expecting money from a settlement in the future but needed money now to pay bills, respond to an expected emergency, and/or take care of themselves and their family.

The lawsuit settlement process can be physically, emotionally, and financially taxing on plaintiffs. Depending on the type of case and the facts and circumstances surround it, lawsuits can take a long time to settle and come to a final disposition. However, during this time, many plaintiffs experience cash flow shortages and money worries.

Being seriously injured, not being able to generate a sufficient income, and mounting bills, can leave you stressed out and emotionally drained. Prior to lawsuit loans in the U.S., people who were having dire financial hardship would either have to keep struggling financially while waiting years for the money from their settlement to come in or settle prematurely with the insurance company or defendant for pennies on the dollar.

Lawsuit loans give you a third option--a better option. Lawsuit loans helps you pay the bills, take care of yourself and your loved one, and empowers you to continue fighting the insurance company for the best possible settlement that you deserve.

tell me more about lawsuit loans

A lawsuit loan is simply a risk-free cash advance on your future lawsuit settlement. It should not be confused with a bank loan or traditional form of lending. Unlike a loan from a bank, there's no credit check, no application fee, and no employment requirement. Additionally, you do not make any monthly payment or owe anything unless you receive a settlement.

How it works is our lawsuit funding company advances you a small portion of what we believe your case is presently worth, and in exchange, you and your attorney agree to pay back the cash advance along with a fair and agreed upon fee if and when the case is settled.

Lawsuit loans are distinguishable from bank loans in that pay back is not absolute. So, if you do not get monetary compensation from your case, you are not obligated to pay back the cash advance. That's correct, you can keep the lawsuit cash advance if your attorney does not win a verdict or award or settle the case.


We make the process of borrowing money from your lawsuit fast and hassle-free for accident victims. To get started now, all you have to do is submit an application for a lawsuit loans.

To submit your application with us, just fill out the short online form at this website or call us to speak with a friendly representative.

Once we have your lawsuit loan application, we'll take it from there.

After receiving your application, a representative in our underwriter department will contact your attorney to obtain some additional information on your case. This will help us in determining exactly how much money you can loan you against your lawsuit.

We know you need the fast lawsuit loan so we will stay on top of things and keep you updated every step of the way.

Remember, you won’t owe anything unless you receive a settlement, so you have nothing to lose. Don't wait. Take the 3 minutes to put in your lawsuit loan application so we can get started on your funding request. The sooner you apply is the sooner you can have $500 to $200,000 in lawsuit funding.

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